71 ft Couach

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Panjang 71 ft
Kelajuan 30 knots

71ft Couach
The luxury of the finest, this 71-foot yacht is beautifully built for entertaining guests and provides maximum comfort.

Designed with a grand interior consisting of 3 bedrooms with ensuites and a central dining table.

An array of complimentary sea toys can be found on board as you enjoy St Barths, St Martin, or Anguilla in style. Fall in love with the exquisite features of this fine Motoryacht. Whether it's partying for that special occasion or an intimate cruise with your partner, an extravagant experience is guaranteed.

  • Luxurious & Comfortable
  • Premier Sound System
  • Bluetooth
  • iPhone / USB Connection
  • Bathroom & Shower
  • Boarding Ladder
  • Inside Storage
  • Outdoor Shower
  • 3 x Cabins
  • Front & Rear Cushioned Sunbeds
Optional (please ask us): Dinner Charter, Weekend Charter, Week Charter

Please be aware of the additional fees below:
St Barths: $20/person Customs & Immigration Fee
St Maarten/St Martin: $6/person Nature Reserve Fee
Anguilla: $20/person Customs & Immigration Fee

Butiran perjalanan

71 kaki Couach
Mewah yang terbaik, kapal layar seluas 71 kaki ini dibina dengan indah untuk menghiburkan tetamu dan memberikan keselesaan maksimum. Direka dengan bahagian dalaman yang megah yang terdiri dari 3 bilik tidur dengan en-suite dan meja makan tengah. Pelbagai mainan laut percuma boleh didapati di kapal sambil anda menikmati gaya St Barths, St Martin atau Anguilla. Jatuh cinta dengan ciri-ciri indah motoryacht ini. Sama ada berpesta untuk majlis istimewa itu atau pelayaran intim dengan pasangan anda, pengalaman mewah pasti terjamin.
  • Mewah & Selesa
  • Sistem Bunyi Perdana
  • Bluetooth
  • Sambungan iPhone / USB
  • Bilik Mandi & Pancuran Mandi
  • Tangga Asrama
  • Penyimpanan Di Dalam
  • Pancuran Luaran
  • 3 x Kabin
  • Tempat Tidur berjemur depan & belakang
Pilihan (sila tanya kami): Piagam Makan Malam, Piagam Hujung Minggu, Piagam Minggu
Harap maklum mengenai bayaran tambahan di bawah:
St Barths: $ 20 / orang Yuran Kastam & Imigresen
St Maarten / St Martin: $ 6 / orang Bayaran Rizab Alam
Anguilla: $ 20 / orang Yuran Kastam & Imigresen

Transfer – St Maarten/ St Martin

  • €7500 EUR
  • Be transported in style to/from the island.
Seabob 400 EUR

Full Day Charter (7 Hours) – St Barths

  • €8200 EUR
  • Enjoy the elegant St Barths where the rich and famous like to hang out. Snorkel in the protected Nature Reserve of Ile Fourchue with an abundance of sea life, experience the calm-crystal clear waters of Colombier, gaze at Gouverneurs or Saline Beach and sip champagne on St Jean’s - home of the famous Nikki Beach and Eden Rock!
Seabob 400 EUR

Full Day Charter (7 Hours) – St Maarten/St Martin

  • €8500 EUR
  • Snorkel in the timid, tropical waters of Tintamarre, gaze at superyachts in the Simpson Bay Lagoon, relax on Pinel Island and watch jets fly overhead at Maho Beach! See the best of the French and Dutch sides on this full day private charter.
Seabob 400 EUR

Full Day Charter (7 Hours) – Anguilla

  • €8900 EUR
  • Discover a day in paradise on the island of Anguilla. Swim in the turquoise waters of Cap Juluca, relax on its uninhabited cays; Dog Island and Prickly Pear. Stroll along it’s pristine white beaches like Shoal Bay and Meads Bay. Sample some fresh seafood at one of its beach restaurants and enjoy the beauty of Anguilla.
Seabob 400 EUR